Professional Home, Commercial and Industrial Inspections in North Georgia.

Ariel Quadcopter Roof Inspections

To get up on an old roof will create a leak. We have seen the need to do a more thorough roof inspection. This type of inspection will start in July once pilot licensing is approved.

Propane & Gas Line Inspections

L.P. Tank & Line inspection is for safety as well as efficiency purposes. Propane tanks have a multitude of connections including valves, gauges and other attached appurtenances that need inspecting.

Log Home Inspections

Log homes can age and fail in ways very different from conventional homes. At Final Word Home Inspection Service, we have undergone specialized training in this very important inspection

Home & Apartment Buildings

Negotiable according to size of structure and distance
This Inspection covers all systems of a home: Electrical, Structural, Plumbing, HVAC, Foundations, Roof, Exterior & Interior. Appliances as well as Alternative Energy Systems. Pools and Spas.

Advanced Electrical Inspections

Negotiable according to size of structure and distance
Final Word Owner J.L. Brown has been an electrician for over 44 years. This inspection goes much deeper into the electrical system of a building or home than any residential inspector would perform.

Dock Inspections

Corp Of Engineers require intense electrical and structural inspections. Anchorage, Walkway, Handrails, Deck, Metal Finish, Flotation, Electrical disconnects, Devices, Grounding & Bonding.